Monday, February 27, 2012

Gift For Son

This weekend I have been at mom’s and it has been a fun weekend J Daughter came down from college also, just in time to inspect breakfast fixin’s

It’s great to see, too, that some things never change!

And Son’s gift is finally done! Woot! Daughter and I have been working on it, and it’s been on my WIP list for a year? But here it is:

Zombie Dice! It’s actually a fun game! Fairly quick, and if you have the sense of humor that leans in that direction, this is a game well worth purchasing. I found the game on the internet here, but we cannot afford a whole lot so I thought to make it, it was a bit more involved to make than I anticipated (because used only what we had), but the laughs generated are priceless, so well worth it J


  1. Haha it is fun ;) thanks for putting my mis matched pjs online haha! Love you mommas
    -your daughter

    1. And your mismatched pj's went right along with your mismatched socks ;)Love you!

  2. It is a fun game ;) especially when you win 17-0 :P hehe! Love you!!!
    -your daughter


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