Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hello Blogland

I truly have not intentionally ignored my own blog. Between problems with the internet, (chewed through cords seems to affect the quality of connection… who knew?) and health issues, well needless to say, I haven’t got much done!

I was going to wait for my daughter to come home for a visit to post more to my blog, but I would still have the same issues once she is gone. So with a little tweaking here and there so that I can see what I am typing, and after several attempts, actually get the subject of the pictures that I am trying to take into the view finder!

SO, am back, for better or worse. I won’t be posting daily, but it shouldn’t be once a month either! Haha, at least that’s the plan…

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  1. Well I'm coming this weekend! I love you :)
    -your daughter


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