Monday, February 20, 2012

Pinterest & Aprons, Oh My!

I finally figured out what Pinterest is. My daughter had been sending me pictures through email of little things she thought I would like and said I should take a look at the site. I never did. Then the other day this post came through my Reader from Sew Many Ways (another blog that you should REALLY take a look at) and I felt like Charlie Brown, you know when the teacher talks and all you hear is “Wha wha wha wha”? (I didn't understand a word!) Then a friend was saying how she got most of her ideas for her upcoming wedding from Pinterest also. Sigh.

That’s just too much coincidence in one week, so I finally went.

And stayed.

For a FULL day.

Nothing got done. Dishes, laundry, dinner. Nothing. But I have so many ideas on projects that I will never finish can’t wait to start! Also, I can “Follow” my daughter’s “Board” to see what her “WeddingWishes” are.

My next project from Sew4Home - their FULL tutorial here!

So if you are bored, or are struggling for ideas, request an invite (it only took about an hour to get the go ahead) and set aside a day and explore.

PS: I am not trying to, or getting paid to, endorse Pinterest or any of these sites. I am just excited to find another method of getting some very helpful ideas!


  1. I'm on Pinterest...I just can't really figure it out. I've got people following me and I had to make an FB post to tell my friends not to bother, because I've got nothing on there! Everyone I know who is using it is loving it. I just don't quite get it, yet. I guess this is one party I'll have to be late for! :)

  2. hehe - Amy you are not alone!!! I am totally lost on the whole deal and just keep hitting buttons (repeatedly) till I figure out what is happening! Which is why it took ALL day :) I did find a help section, it's in the upper right corner where it says "About" which is a pull down menu. Also check out the "Sew Many Ways" blog post I linked and she explains a lot. Course I did not understand it until I went and messed with things. Don't give up!

  3. Pinterest to me is like trashy magazines for some... I can go there and tune out! I don't spend a lot of time there, but I can enjoy myself without having to read, or commit to anything, or buy anything! There is a lot of inspiration for craft, DIY, urban homesteading and the stuff I am into. I also like the Humour section for some late night laughs after a long day!

    I resisted going there for months because I thought I didn't need another online time-suck, BUT it actually helps me because I don't lose links anymore and spend ages looking back through blogs and websites to find them! It takes a little bit to get sorted, but it doesn't take too long to work it out. There us a FAQ area. I also found that adding the 'Pin It' button to my Favourites toolbar helped. I keep the amount of boards I have to the minimum too.

  4. Dixiebelle - EXACTLY, I was so excited when I realized they automatically saved the source! I have files and files of "inspiration", but I can't find the source! Either I didn't save it correctly or I didn't make enough notes. Which is why I took the time to get the hang of it (still trying to get the hang of it ;) ) I also like finding something and sending it on to my daughter for her Wedding Wishes.

  5. Your daughter loves it too! (you sending me things) :D I am also obsessed with Pinterest. Haha! I love the hair, nails, and makeup ideas!!
    -your daughter

  6. I had a look at pin interest last week as well after suddenly seeing it everywhere, couldn't get the hang of it at all - but perhaps I need to spend longer there. But I then i also don't get Twitter.

  7. Hi Juggler :) I don't get twitter either - I am not one to take THAT much of an interest in others lives! If you have the chance, and you really want to, do give pinterest another try, it's not personal info, just things that people have found that are interesting or has instructions etc. I learn a little bit more everytime :)


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