Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Not Lung Cancer!

Wow. I found a new doctor last week, who seems to have some ideas on how to help me. I have had SEVERAL doctors over the years, and they all start out gung-ho, but then fizzle out of tests and treatments.  The new doc has ordered some tests that even the tech drawing my blood had never seen before. Doc is doing the most likely culprits first, and one of which is lung cancer. Somehow, if you have lung cancer it can effect your eyes and vice-versa. Considering I was smoking 2 pack of cigarettes a day for 30ish years, that was a real concern. Can you believe I haven't had chest X-rays in almost 20 years?

And no lectures, I have cut my smoking to less than 15 a day! And now I have a Nicatrol inhaler, tastes AWFUL, but I am willing to give it a shot. (and no, I wont be smoking at the same time)

No lung cancer!!! No lesions. Woot!!!

We also found out a few other things with those X-Rays that we didn't know before. The more we know, the better we can narrow things down and maybe make some progress.

And all because I splashed almost boiling water into my eye, a small flare up, and my sister saying we are going to urgent care... EVERYTHING just seemed to fall into place. All new doctors/specialists, bloodwork, X-rays, the whole she-bang in a one block area. AND TAKING NEW PATIENTS.  Really what are the odds?

Hehe, who knows, maybe there is some treatment for me where I won't go blind and be able to get rid of my wheelchair.

There is always hope... right?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Got to play with tools over the weekend. It has been MANY years since I have been able to "play" with tools. This week it is the Miter Saw and a Jig saw. FUN FUN FUN.

We started working on installing the trim for mom, but would have to spend 15 minutes just arranging things in the workshop just to measure something out, then another 15 to re-arrange so we could cut... We said ENOUGH. and decided to spend yesterday straightening things up and see what we had to build a cutting table. Which I guess turned out to be a good thing as we found out that the wood in the rafters that we thought were good 2x4's were not exactly what we had in mind - they were only about 15" long! Which would make for a SHORT table ;) We racked our brains and was in the process of planning a trip to Home Depot or Lowe's when it occurred to my son there were all the leftover posts and 2x4's still in the back from building sister's deck. Woot! SCORE!!!! There were 3 good sized 4x4 posts and several useful lengths of 2x4's. and we found an old 3/4" plywood cabinet door that we can cut in half and use as the top of the table.

So today will be cutting and assembling... along with mopping and laundry :D