Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Camper

I can't believe it is Tuesday already!

I did get quite a bit done yesterday though. A pretty good dent in my craft room, I can tell I have a work surface now AND a chair! So it’s a start anyway.

Laundry and dishes (those are never ending!) and I got the telescope out of the bathroom – really. (Remember what I said about “paths”?)

I also made Sweety, our Green Cheeked Conure, a “foraging tray”. Some strips of paper-towels, a yarn pom-pom, shells, part of a clothespin, shiny curling ribbon, cotton swab, pumpkin seeds and hazelnuts, all in a bowl for him to scrounge in while I clean his other toys.

Sweety is now a Happy Camper…

I have to figure out how to change the date on the camera...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Big Step

Well, I have finally taken the step into "Blogland". For me, that is HUGE. I have thought about it for almost a year (weird huh?) and finally did it! And I have this wonderful lady to thank

The Little Red Hen

She is always so inspiring, calming, and sees the beauty in simple things. And talent??? WOW. Thank you Mrs. L :)

I started this because I have so many thoughts and ideas in my head or that I find that I want to share, from crafts, organization ideas, frugality, etc but I dont really have anyone who is particularly interested in all the subjects! So the way I see it, if your interested in a particular post, GREAT! leave me a message :) If your not interested, well it IS the internet, just skip it :) But mainly, it is for me. To motivate myself to get up and DO something, even if only for a few minutes.

I must warn you though, my writing skills are VERY rusty, so please be kind and overlook improper sentences etc. Sometimes after looking at something for so long - it looks exactly like I think it should and not the reality!

My first goal with this post? Get this ORGANIZED! (OK, organized to the level I want will never happen, but I would like to organize it enough to be able to work on something!)

Pics of my craft room... oops once I figure out where my doohicky is that connects the camera to my computer! ... Found it!!!

I LOVE my craft room, and all this happened in the last 2 (?) months! And there is so much I have to get done!
1. curtains for all the windows in the house (current ones are seriously thin!)
2. a shower curtain fix up (almost blew the surprise!)
3. clothes/sheets mended
4. Christmas gifts made!
5. a friend wants to help me make some money off of the crocheted sponges that I make... which wont happen if I cant find my crochet needles!
6. hah - my sister's birthday present that is now a Christmas present because I only got halfway done with it.
7. Same for one of my son's birthday gifts... now Christmas

The list could go on and on, not including the normal upkeep of the house, which I am barely keeping up with. Lately if there is a path, then we are good.

Do you ever feel like that? You set goals and on paper it seems so simple, then you realize that in order to do this, you need to do that first.