Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Craft Room

We are finally able to get our craft room together!

This will be my third craft room, and with each move I lose some of my craft supplies (DS calls it garbage), but I did not lose as much this move as I did the last! It is going to take some time but I am excited :) This time my Dear DIL and Grand-Daughter will be crafting with me - it is so fun to have a co-conspirator ;)

It is a large room, wonderful space and lighting! The challenges are several because of hardly any wall space, a fireplace, and odd angles. But all that means is a chance to get crafty for our craft room...

This is from the sliding glass doors as you walk into the house: you can see the fireplace on the left and then the hallway going to the back of the house and a small corner of the breakfast bar that leads to the kitchen.

This is to the left of the doors, you can kinda see a sliver of them on the left , but see the big window in the middle, and then the fireplace to the right. This is the largest wall space we have to work with.

a better view of the fireplace (it is caddy-corner)

Here is to the right of the sliding glass doors... as you can see leads to another room (which is our sitting room) and the breakfast bar... which also sits caddy-corner. (and my embarrassing messy kitchen)

Here is the sliding glass doors on the right and the "Cat Area" on the left. If you look at the picture above you can see how the wall does not go all the way to the ceiling and a "bridge" across the gap to the other room. We call this the "catwalk" and our cats LOVE it. So in the effort of not having cats on our kitchen counters trying to get up on it, we made them a play corner that gets them up there... and down :)

All the junk you see lying around is somehow related to crafting (except for the motorcycle helmets! - wait.... hmmmm!) 

Plus what I have in my room and the garage! Haha, the garage:

Such a lovely space, and I can't wait to get it together enough to really start CRAFTING again and not have to put it up out of the way to go to bed! WOOT!

Anyway, between that and watching my granddaughter, I have been so busy that I have not been able to crochet! The kids got done at work early and came home, so I thought I would take the opportunity to update you on what's what here; now off to crochet!  :D


I absolutely LOVE comments, and appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Scared of Art Journal's?

Remember this week's Challenge is to make a Crochet Journal. Which I have started, but there are many kinds of Journals.

Recipe Journals (I touched on in this post)
Craft Journals (like my Crochet Journal)
Art Journals
Daily Journals
Bible Journals
Garden Journals
Nature Journals
Bird Journals
Health Journals
Science Journals (Leonardo Da Vinci)

Do you get the idea? I know I will probably hear about this; but, to me, Scrapbooks, Journals, Smash Books, etc are all Journals of some sort :)

Well, Art Journals SCARE me. I love them, but was always saying "no, I can't draw a straight line" Stick figures aren't exactly considered "art"! And then I came across this free e-course

Kristal Norton

I am only half way through the course and I am enjoying it immensely! Each lesson is short and to the point and doesn't take more than 10 minutes to read or watch.  And the e-course is FREE!

Check it out and give it a shot! Especially if you are wanting to make a Journal but feel you don't have the time or talent to make one!

If you take the e-course please let me know what you think too! I have placed the Badge to the right in my blog or click the image above for the information and sign-up page.


P.S. I am not receiving any kind of compensation for this post, these are my opinions only and want to share what I find and enjoy.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Recipe Journals

What got me interested in making my journals interesting and fun (which I kept putting off till the Challenge kick started me) was from when I made recipe binders for my children once they hit about 14ish. I took note of what dinners they liked and wrote down the recipe for them and family recipes/traditions and any story that went with them. I kept adding to the binder throughout the years till they moved out. But no pics whatsoever.

They loved the recipe binders that I gave them when they moved out on their own, but when I got hold of my daughters binder a couple of months ago (because she asked if I could redo it as it had been damaged in "storage" mentioned here) I realized it was BORING. I go through my cookbooks and look at the pictures for inspiration. They could not do this with what I gave them AND I would get phone calls on techniques:

"Mom what do you mean "fold"?"
"Are biscuits supposed to be so runny?"
"What is 'Cream shortening, sugar and egg?'"

So I got the idea of taking pictures of some of the meals and processes to help them.

Kind of like this:

I like the idea of "Digital Scrapbooking" as it isn't bulky and can put each page into a plastic sleeve and they can still add to their book as they find recipes on their own.

So I have been taking pictures as I cook (which unfortunately is NOT often - DIL is a wonderful cook!)
and finding free interesting digital pictures.

They have a BUNCH more on this site!

What other kind of journal can you think of?

Friday, March 14, 2014

52 Week Challenge Update Crochet Journal

The other day I showed you my very plain Crochet Journal (here).

I have made some progress with it, though am still figuring out the cover :)

First, here are some of the supplies I have to work with. I am a hoarder and throw nothing away so this is just a pic of what I have been able to find to use... things are still packed from the move!

Left to Right - Regular Coloured Pencils, Drafting Compass, Pastels, Drafting Markers in 4 Colours, Water Colors in .4 oz tubes, asst paint brushes, Water Colour Pencils, Fat Markers, School Glue and Stick Glue, and Boo one of my cats :)

This is the "Cover Page" for the afghan I am making for my grand-daughter. I had to remind myself that it was o.k. if my painting looked like a child did it - what mattered was who I was thinking about and how it made me feel.

This was painted with water-colour pencils using my fingers and paintbrush, and the fat markers and black drafting marker
And here is the Information Page which has the yarn am using, the name of the blocks crocheted (or to BE crocheted so far) and which CAL those blocks belong to.

I am proud of my start and had a lot of fun with painting the picture :)  Let me know how you make your craft journal fun!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge Week 2

Hey Blogland, do you remember how I said I had joined the 52 Week Crochet Challenge? It is the start of a new week!

This weeks' challenge is to start a Crochet Notebook, Journal, Scrapbook or Blog. As I already have a blog, and with funds being so tight, I thought I would concentrate on my Crochet Journal.

I had started one a while back where I put my designs and ideas in, but only went to it periodically. Plus it is BORING, I know I should not compare my journal to others, however there comes a time when you have to say "Ugh, I can do better".

See not even a Title!

So this is what I will be working with. I wonder what I am going to do! I can't seem to make up my mind :) I will post pictures as I make progress!

If you have time, leave me a comment - I love comments :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Moogly CAL

YEAH! My DS and DIL finally found a job! They have been out of work since October. So we are all excited! WOOT! And I get to watch my granddaughter who is so much fun and such a personality!

What is also great about this job is that both are working at the same place and the boss is family oriented - so if for any reason there are issues at home (I am sick) the boss is very understanding and one or the other can miss work without getting into trouble!

It is also Spring Break here and my daughter popped in for a day after going to the coast and then will be back to College Station to see about a job too!

I have been busy, busy, busy! Because not only am I thoroughly loving time spent with family; I am involved in the 52 Week Crochet Challenge: the 2014 BAMCAL: and also joined Tamara Kelly in her Moogly Afghan Crochet-A-Long on her blog: Moogly

The Crochet-A-Long (CAL) started in January that I was late joining (February - but it is never too late! You can still join!) and am enjoying every minute of it too. Tamara shares a free pattern every other Thursday from a variety of designers to be crocheted. In total it will be 24 squares which is enough to make a 4'x6' afghan.

You can get all the information on Tamara's blog here.

Kicking Off The 2014 Moogly Afghan Crochet-A-Long

For this CAL I am making an afghan for my granddaughter in pink, purple, gray, black and white. Here is my progress so far!

One block I did two of (bottom row first and second pic) because I wasn't sure if I liked the colour arrangement. I didn't frog it because I will decide to use it or not once I see all the blocks together. The last block (solid pink) is from the 2014 BAMCAL. As you can see I am a little behind by 2 blocks.

There is also an UNOFFICIAL Ravelry group for the CAL called MOOGLY CAL 2014 which is run by her fans (but Tamara is also a member) and it has been lovely to see all the wonderful talented crocheters out there - new to the craft and experts.

Moogly CAL 2014 at Ravelry 

You really need to check out Tamara's blog. It is FULL of fun things, for instance today she has gathered free crochet patterns from around the net!

Celebrate the Luck of the Irish
Read More here!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I love getting comments and any feedback you can give me is so appreciated! EW

Friday, March 7, 2014

BAMCAL and 52 Week Challenge Update

Hi ya'll!

Just thought I would give you a preview of my progress with the afghan I am making  for my friend :)

These are the 12 inch blocks

And these are the 6 inch blocks

I still have green, blue, lavender, and peach to do. But the main colour is Aran, kind of an off white colour with the pastels as highlights. I am having so much fun with the CAL's and the Challenge!

52 Week Crochet Challenge

Red Berry Crochet's  52 Week Challenge has some new blogs added. Check out the "52 Week Challenge Blog Roll" links to the right to see the new updates. As more bloggers join I will keep the Blog Roll updated - Check-em out!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

52 Week Challenge

Red Berry Crochet is hosting a 52 Week Challenge beginning this week in honor of March being National Crochet Month!      (The start of the Challenge was March 5th)

Just go to her blog Red Berry Crochet and follow the directions to join, it is easy peasy!

The challenges are varied, interesting, and a few I can't wait for the week to arrive! And BONUS - I have already met some wonderful people with the same interests :)

The First Challenge was:  "How do you celebrate National Crochet Month?" That was a stumper; I had no idea it was National Crochet Month! Hehe, so I joined the Challenge!

Here are some of the Blogs already involved - take a stroll and have fun!

Our Host Red Berry Crochet/