Friday, March 7, 2014

BAMCAL and 52 Week Challenge Update

Hi ya'll!

Just thought I would give you a preview of my progress with the afghan I am making  for my friend :)

These are the 12 inch blocks

And these are the 6 inch blocks

I still have green, blue, lavender, and peach to do. But the main colour is Aran, kind of an off white colour with the pastels as highlights. I am having so much fun with the CAL's and the Challenge!

52 Week Crochet Challenge

Red Berry Crochet's  52 Week Challenge has some new blogs added. Check out the "52 Week Challenge Blog Roll" links to the right to see the new updates. As more bloggers join I will keep the Blog Roll updated - Check-em out!



  1. Beautiful work! You have a lucky friend :)

    1. Thank you :) But I feel like the lucky one! I get to have fun with the CAL, play with yarn, meet new people, AND surprise a friend all at once :D


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