Tuesday, July 10, 2012


What a summer. I have been at my mother's since the end of April and have only been home for one weekend (Father's Day) and most of that was to try to grab things I may need. (Hubby is a very patient man).

Have you ever had a suspicious noise in your car and you take it to the mechanic to get fixed and it purrs like a dream and he is sitting there looking at you like your nuts? Or you have the plumber come in to fix your screaming pipes, that won't scream while he is there? Well, that's what is going on with me. I have been here so I can get to the doctor right away when I have a flare up, however they have all been so minor lately that it's not worth taking the time/gas/money to go in, or is something we already have done and know whats going on (sort of). Aaarrgh!

But a lot of diseases have been ruled out. Thankfully. And I am not completely blind yet - so all good.

Just updating. Boring stuff. Take care everyone and hopefully sometime soon something that resembles normalcy will happen. Maybe.


Oh - and I should be blogging about Chickens soon....