Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Moogly CAL

YEAH! My DS and DIL finally found a job! They have been out of work since October. So we are all excited! WOOT! And I get to watch my granddaughter who is so much fun and such a personality!

What is also great about this job is that both are working at the same place and the boss is family oriented - so if for any reason there are issues at home (I am sick) the boss is very understanding and one or the other can miss work without getting into trouble!

It is also Spring Break here and my daughter popped in for a day after going to the coast and then will be back to College Station to see about a job too!

I have been busy, busy, busy! Because not only am I thoroughly loving time spent with family; I am involved in the 52 Week Crochet Challenge: the 2014 BAMCAL: and also joined Tamara Kelly in her Moogly Afghan Crochet-A-Long on her blog: Moogly

The Crochet-A-Long (CAL) started in January that I was late joining (February - but it is never too late! You can still join!) and am enjoying every minute of it too. Tamara shares a free pattern every other Thursday from a variety of designers to be crocheted. In total it will be 24 squares which is enough to make a 4'x6' afghan.

You can get all the information on Tamara's blog here.

Kicking Off The 2014 Moogly Afghan Crochet-A-Long

For this CAL I am making an afghan for my granddaughter in pink, purple, gray, black and white. Here is my progress so far!

One block I did two of (bottom row first and second pic) because I wasn't sure if I liked the colour arrangement. I didn't frog it because I will decide to use it or not once I see all the blocks together. The last block (solid pink) is from the 2014 BAMCAL. As you can see I am a little behind by 2 blocks.

There is also an UNOFFICIAL Ravelry group for the CAL called MOOGLY CAL 2014 which is run by her fans (but Tamara is also a member) and it has been lovely to see all the wonderful talented crocheters out there - new to the craft and experts.

Moogly CAL 2014 at Ravelry 

You really need to check out Tamara's blog. It is FULL of fun things, for instance today she has gathered free crochet patterns from around the net!

Celebrate the Luck of the Irish
Read More here!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I love getting comments and any feedback you can give me is so appreciated! EW


  1. I shouldn't have read this post (this is being said with a huge smile)! I bought some yarn for another blanket last week, I hadn't yet found what I wanted to make. This CAL looks like a really good idea for finding a few new to me techniques

    1. The people at the Moogly CAL have been absolutely fantastic, especially with providing help with the new stitches and techniques! It has been a FUN learning experience and hope to see you there and the beautiful squares you make!


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