Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Camper

I can't believe it is Tuesday already!

I did get quite a bit done yesterday though. A pretty good dent in my craft room, I can tell I have a work surface now AND a chair! So it’s a start anyway.

Laundry and dishes (those are never ending!) and I got the telescope out of the bathroom – really. (Remember what I said about “paths”?)

I also made Sweety, our Green Cheeked Conure, a “foraging tray”. Some strips of paper-towels, a yarn pom-pom, shells, part of a clothespin, shiny curling ribbon, cotton swab, pumpkin seeds and hazelnuts, all in a bowl for him to scrounge in while I clean his other toys.

Sweety is now a Happy Camper…

I have to figure out how to change the date on the camera...

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  1. My sweaty is beyond adorable :D look at him :D
    -your daughter


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