Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Favorite Dinnerware

A fellow blogger friend at "My Simple Life" had blogged about how one of her favorite cups had "mysteriously" gone missing, and then finding a replacement on ebay. I have been trying to do this myself, but evidently mine are hard to find! $50 per piece!!!! HAH and I complained when they were $15 for 2!!! But I love them, and they make me laugh, and really - wouldn't this make a fun table???

Bolded words are the links... I gotta play with this some more! The links didnt show at all before!!! I prolly should quit messing with the "advanced" settings and just go for the template...

Giraffe bowl and dinner plate

Hippo bowl and salad plate

The only complete set I have! Elephant bowl, dinner plate, and salad plate

Frog bowl and salad plate

Really, with these glasses, I think would make a wonderful "Tablescape". Sigh, I will get there eventually! Until then I will stay satisfied with having a nice "dessert" table :)

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