Sunday, February 5, 2012


One of the many side effects of my "issues" is that I am slowly going blind. Many days I cannot see well at all simply because of glare, sometimes my eyes are not able to adjust to any glare and so the world turns a painful white. This has caused quite a few unintentional adventures and new challenges for me.

For instance… have you ever tried to eat in the dark? One evening we ate a rice dish, and of course, my eyes weren’t doing too good so I had my eye covers on. It took FOREVER for me to be able to eat! I couldn’t figure out exactly how much food I had on my fork! So some bites I had NO food on the fork at all (it would fall off – you try to stab rice!) or I would have too much! A challenge I did not anticipate, though I did get the hang of it after a while. It didn’t occur to me till later… get a bowl! Duh.

We have lived in this house for over 15 years, I feel I know my way around the property pretty good. I go outside to hang clothes on the laundry line, blind, and stumble. Then realized when I stumbled I had gotten totally turned around and wasn’t sure exactly where I was! Normally that’s not too big of a deal; except, we have a lot of cactus in our yard. Sigh. Thankfully, I am still able to cheat a little and peaked around my eye covers so as to orient myself. I figured that bit of pain was a LOT better than the lingering pain of cactus needles that I would not be able to see to get out, and hubby wouldn’t be home for several hours yet!

But I will not always be able to “cheat” and so am taking these learning experiences to heart, and do my best to alleviate what I can NOW. I am grateful for this time TO learn, and it not be a sudden life changing experience. I refuse to quit doing what I normally do, hang laundry outside, EAT, clean, wash dishes, pick out my own clothes, haha, pour my own tea! (Whole other issues there!) Key words in there are “what I normally do”. I am just learning a “new normal”.

I have a feeling that “puffy paint” is going to be my new friend. Did you know most microwaves have smooth touch screen controls? I never paid any attention to it, till I had to warm up my coffee. I KNOW how the keypad is arranged, but I still need to orient myself as to WHERE I am in relation to the keys! Puffy paint outlining the buttons will help. Also, getting canned pumpkin pie filling instead of pineapple chunks is quite a big difference when wanting a nice tangy snack. So I had to come up with some quick pumpkin pie filling recipes! A little puffy paint on the cans would have helped tremendously.

And so, with that said, I am off to the cupboards to figure out a marking system…

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  1. I think I'd be putting some heavy rope corridors through those cacti!! Ouch!!

    Could you also use those little styrofoam letters that have adhesive on the back? Of course, that wouldn't help you distinguish Pineapple from Pumpkin, if you went by the letter of the product....


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