Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I am very proud of my hubby! He made us a Double Bay Gray-Hoverman antenna from PVC, 1/2"x1/2" square wire mesh field fencing, 8 gauge copper wire, stainless steel screws, and a balun. (All of which we had lying around - yep even the balun!) He used plans from the internet, just Google "Gray-Hoverman Antenna" and you will get lots to choose from. And will wonders never cease, it WORKS!

Here is ours!!!

This thing is WAY up there, so I zoomed in as best I could. but you can kinda sort of see the fencing... maybe? 

All I can say is though, it works beautifully, and the stations are approximately 60 miles away! Good job Hubby!

PS - don't ask me what a "balun" is - all I know it is an electrical doohickey that helps with the process... and THATS after looking it up!!!!


  1. I think this is so cool. I wish we had thought of this before we purchased one it would have been a good project for us to have done together and I would have learned a new skill. The boyfriend is an industrial maintenance manager, so it would have been a piece of cake for him. Thanks for posting!!! :)

  2. My family is full of innovative geniuses :) haha
    -your daugter


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