Monday, March 5, 2012

Not Much Happening

I know I have not posted in a week, last week was at mom's and had a small family emergency and so I didn't get back home until Thursday. Then I had to find my house again (wow!), so not much fun happening here though I hope to change that for tomorrow!

I have fabric washed, dried, ironed.... and now to figure out what exactly I am going to do with it. So far I know am making a "bucket buddy" (hubby's birthday is this month), and I want a mug rug, aprons of course, and I don't know what else. (I can't do one project at a time - I get bored!).

Have any of ya'll found anything interesting your wanting to sew up?


  1. :D i know what i want :) hehe a bed side hanger :) xmas? :)))
    -your daughter

  2. Haha - but you don't know what colours you will have next year in your new apartment!


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