Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stash Buster

O.k. a lot of my friends and family tease me about the fact that they have to ask before they can throw something away. I try very hard to use something up so much that it then becomes totally useless and can be garbage ;)

For instance all the sewing I have been doing, I have had little bitty pieces left over that I don't particularly want to sew back together!
But I save them. And as I get a bit, I make sure they are cut up small and use it to stuff little "Happies" like this:
Little dust collectors ;)
or even something fairly useful, like this:

Originally I found the original patterns at R&K Creations... here. But then once I learned the techniques behind it, I then did my own thing and made my own pumpkin patterns, and my own way of sewing them. And really after I have made a few, I tend to change something, a new technique or idea I saw, so I honestly don't remember exactly what their directions entail! So all my little pumpkins are totally different, and I like that :D

But that is why I save all the little bits and pieces for. And IT WORKS :)


  1. I didn't know you yourself made those :) that's awesome
    -your daughter


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