Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Half Apron

I got one of my aprons done, it was based off one of my vintage ones that was getting so thin that, well, it wasn’t doing its’ job! So this one I don’t have a pattern for and just cut how I wanted, by looking at the old apron, seeing what I liked, using it, and making adjustments where I knew I needed them (ie: I wear long skirts, so needed a longer apron). Altogether it took 2 hours. That is the cutting, sewing, ironing, everything.

2 hours to sew, but; it took 2 DAYS to work up the nerve to make the initial cuts! That is my problem, I am terrified to start a new project with sewing, and especially if it is fabric I love, as I am afraid to mess it up. It is as if I would never be able to get that particular fabric ever again! Silly I know. But am trying to take to heart one of the sayings I have seen on another craft forum… “No saving for best”. In my case, that is exactly my problem!

On to the apron J Unfortunately I left my camera at my mom’s house L Or I would have taken more pictures of the process.

 The "skirt" of the apron - basically a rectangle cut to the length I prefer
From top to bottom - The ruffle, then the ties (I prefer longer ties so can go around the back and tie in front as I can't get my left arm behind me), and then the waist band. The waist band is curved along the top, it is easier to see in person than it is in the pictures.

I am quite pleased with it J

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  1. oh my goodness mommas that is absolutely adorable :))) :DD
    -your daughter


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