Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mug Rug

I made me some “Mug Rugs”. I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to try out some different techniques, quilting, binding, different quilt blocks, etc. They are small, quick, useful, and if I mess up I have not devoted a huge amount of resources to it. Also on another craft forum I joined a “Craft-A-Long” or in this case a “Use-Up-Your-Stash-Along”. So right up my alley!

I found some green material in my stash that I liked, the challenge this month is to use up something green, which was an old Halloween costume (Peter Pan) that was my daughter’s. Some fun funky material that was one of my son’s shirts, and some aqua blue material that was daughter’s capris. All this I had saved to re-use at some point… although I didn’t expect to wait 15 years!


 I started simple, a basic four block with each block at 4 inches. I wasn’t going to get all technical on my first try and ease into it J.

Then I figured out my backing, an old 1960’s/1970’s polyester knit, pantsuit, type material that was green (I know it looks blue in this pic - camera phone!)

Sewed the blocks together using a half inch seam, I need all the room I can get because I cannot see what I am stitching (unless I get to within 3 inches – NOT a good idea!) So I sew by general blur and blobs ;).
I made sure to iron my seams open. 

I love my craft room because I have my ironing board set up right behind me and a little lower than normal so all I have to do is swivel around in my chair and iron the bits and pieces as needed!

Once I had the four blocks together I debated for quite a while on whether I wanted any batting in between the layers, and decided against it. Then I put my backing and my block together, right sides facing, and sewed around (another half inch seam) making sure to leave an inch or two to be able to turn right side out. Trimmed the corners and the edges, making sure NOT to trim my turning area so it will be easier to sew closed later.
 It's hard to see but the opening is in the upper left corner.

Turned it right side out with my handy dandy chop stick and ironed it flat, being sure to turn in the seams at the opening where I turned everything right side out. Then I top stitched the whole thing, including the opening to sew it shut. This time though a ¼ inch seam.

I thought it needed SOME type of “quilting”, so I quilted in the ditch (sewed where the blocks meet).

I liked the results so much, I made TWO! So can have matching ones (if I so choose) for when daughter comes home and we have tea together J

Action shot ;)

I think I like this!

And just because I love to learn little tips and tricks others use, this is mine:
I keep a piece of tape by my sewing machine to put all my little pieces of thread I cut off onto the tape so it doesn't get all mixed up on the fabric when I am sewing. The tape keeps it all together and AWAY from my project!


  1. Those are beautiful!! I can't sew to save my life, but I would definitely buy a mug rug that looked as pretty as that one!

  2. Absolutely adorable :) I can't wait to have tea again!!! (and those biscuits) :)
    -your daughter

  3. Hey, EW,

    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! If you want it, just pop over to my blog and cut and paste it to your own!


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