Friday, March 23, 2012

New Floor...Almost

Some of you may be wondering if I have disappeared. I haven't, just been busy! I went to mom's last Thursday and she is putting in a new floor. My Uncle came out and got us started on it before he was called back to work... which left it to us to finish. And boy, did/do we have a LOT to figure out!

Here are the Before Pictures:

 as you can see - the carpet was funky :( yuck. Which is why momma wanted it GONE!

This is the flooring we are putting in:
The "tiles" under the boxes are what it looks like. It is the kind that has three tiles in a row, so if you have a big open space to do - the floor lays down QUICK... If you have a lot of angles / corners, you are going to have a lot of waste - so if you are looking at this kind of floor for your home - order accordingly! Most say figure about 10% waste, I say with this floor, if you have a lot of angles, figure about 15%. Keep in mind you have to match the glue strips etc, its not like laying actual tile!

Tomorrow I will show you some of the CRAZY angles we have been working with!


  1. Very cool! There's nothing like a new floor to completely change a room!

    1. Thanks Amy, it really has made a difference already - and we are not done! Momma is very excited. Thankfully, she is also VERY patient! haha :) She also wants to paint... sigh. :D Actually I cant wait to take pictures of the "finished" rooms, and these "Before" pictures are only HALF of the house!

  2. Haha I haven't seen uncle jimmy in forever :) I didn't know y'all were doing it yourselves!! I'm sorry!!
    -your daughter


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