Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Recipe Book - Heavenly Hash

I have been working on making a recipe book for my oldest daughter. It's simply made from a composition book that I am writing family recipes in that I know she likes or might be interested in.

When I was first got married I was desperate to learn to cook more than macaroni and cheese, so I called all my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbor, I did not care. I am grateful to say, they sent me a lot of recipes. It was great.

Over the probably 30 years I have lost quite a few of those recipes and thought I should share them before these get lost too. Plus I don't want to forget who gave me what recipe! So while I add recipes to my daughter's book I will share them here also.

The first recipe is Heavenly Hash. This is how it was written for me by my grandmother.

This is what I wrote is the recipe book.
I am not implying that grandma was the originator of the recipe. I wanted to indicate WHO the recipe came from, especially as it relates to my daughter. In the back of the book I will have a listing of "Contributors", who they are and how they are related to her.

I did something similar many years ago with all my kids. Once they hit about 15 I started things like the Family Recipe Book and getting things for them for when they were on their own. This one is a bit more neater and more family information.

Mom found out what I was doing (I had to consult her a few times to figure out who's handwriting was whose.) She wants one now too! I can't make one for everyone but I can document them here for everyone to have access to them though.

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