Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I Want... Collection

Are you asked what do you want for your birthday? Or Christmas, or for whatever; and go totally brain dead? I do. I swear I have a gazillion things I want but as soon as I am asked, poof, you can hear crickets chirping. So I started writing things down as they occurred to me.

This is my "Movies I Want" page (but really its any DVD).
I think I have an 80's thing going on here
I have quite a lot of DVD's and if I can't remember half of what I've got, or how many season's I have of what, I certainly don't expect others to remember. Hence my "Movies I Want" list.

How do you store your DVD's? Do you keep them in their original case or do you use one of those DVD binders? If you use a binder how do you keep the description? Is there another way that saves space? Mine are in two four foot DVD bookcases and am running out of room! I can't afford another bookcase nor do I have the space, so any tips would be great!

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