Friday, January 16, 2015

Taming the Craft Room

I promised to show how I used boxes to store my embroidery, lace, ribbons, elastic, etc; I just didn't expect it to take so long!


And finally, as promised:

First, get your family together every night for a month (or three) and get the boxed wine for them to drink. For me, it took 5 to 9 family members and a birthday to get me enough boxes for what I need.

Enjoy the wine and family. Once it  doesn't pour through the convenient spigot, pull out the bag that held the wine through the little spigot hole in the box keeping the sides intact. Make sure they finish whats left in the bag - there is usually quite a bit left over and can pour the rest into a glass or two ;)

(Would you believe I absolutely cannot stand wine????)

Use a razor to carefully cut where the black line is.

(I can never cut straight!) The original handle for the box will still be used as a handle and the hole for the spigot you use to be able to open the flap easily. I left about an inch or so inside the edge so that as they are stacked the won't collapse inside each  other. But these are seriously sturdy boxes, so it is not too much of a concern.

Fold the flap you just cut back to crease a "hinge"

I spray painted my boxes because I cannot cut straight and it would aggravate me to try and cover squiggly lines with fabric or paper! And... I am LAZY.

I then eyeballed the measurements inside and cut foam board to make "drawer dividers" to keep things in line.

Once I find the box that has my gazillion and one glue guns I will glue them down!

You can stack the boxes or set them sideways, I use them both ways

Hey!!! There is my box of glue-guns! Haha

I found the Alice In Wonderland labels online here:
I am a huge Alice In Wonderland nut. (If the Pinterest Board (11 boards!) and tattoo wasn't a clue!)

I also use these boxes as magazine holders! See - I can't cut straight :)

And my craft "wall". I am still, and lets face it, ALWAYS, tweaking my craft "storage" I do not like having to move things out of the way to get to anything. I just want to reach and grab. Like I said... I am lazy.

All my fabric is on a shelves in the closet (which I will not show right now... it's BAD) But I have a storage "system" for that too.:)


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