Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Week

I was able to get quite a bit accomplished this week, though it doesn't look it.

I am still unpacking and getting things organized. It feels as if that will NEVER get done! Oh well, maybe, eventually.

When the kids moved they did not have enough room in the moving trailer so a lot was left and put into the garage for when they can come and get the rest. But it was just placed helter skelter and didn't really have any room to move or work in there. Some rearranging was needed.

See more wine boxes? lol

The rolling garage door broke so the front is completely open! There was just nowhere to go, so I basically moved the good furniture to the back and the garbage to the front so can grab as we can, to toss/burn etc. No Before and After Pics, because it really didn't change! At least until all the garbage is gone ;)

What has your week been like?


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