Sunday, October 28, 2012


My daughter and I wanted to get matching tattoos, but not necessarily identical tattoos. We also wanted them to be meaningful to both of us. We had talked about it for quite a while (like 2 years) and one day out of the blue my daughter calls and said we were going to get tattoos together when she came home!

One of the things my daughter and I love to do together is have tea time. Nothing spectacular just me and her (and sometimes her BFF Ms J) sitting down with the candles lit, maybe a dessert, and tea, talk and laughter... with maybe Rush, Five Finger Death Punch or Rob Zombie etc playing in the background! And one of my all time favorites is the Mad Tea Party scene in Alice In Wonderland (any era!). Well, lo and behold, my daughter suggests we go with that route (after many back and forths over tea-cups/pots sizes and shapes). WOOT! Perfect! So this is what we designed:

We figured no color, and chose what elements we definitely wanted. We brought our "design" to the tattoo artist, Andy, at Xtreme, and this is what he had to work with... as you can see I am NO artist!

He was great and gave a few hints and tips about the design (haha) as far as what would look good in ink with how big we wanted it etc. and this is what we ended up with:

Mine is more Tim Burton-ish, from the hat style to the font.

Daughter's is done in a more Disney-ish style and font.

Both are the same size, 3 1/2 inches, but mine is on my lower leg and hers on her upper thigh, so it could be easily hidden. We LOVE them. He was funny, polite, patient, and even let me sleep while he was doing my tattoo!

This was my third Tattoo, and I do have more planned (my son and I need to go in together), and my daughter has more planned also! But if your ever in San Antonio at the Rolling Oaks Mall, look Andy up. He was FANTASTIC.

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  1. Loving it still ;) can't wait for my next one :)
    Love you,
    Your daughter


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