Monday, October 31, 2011

Onion Bag

Yesterday was bored and doing anything possible to avoid housework. Well I made me another crocheted sponge, but it went so fast that I needed another quick project. (I don't like the long drawn out making an afghan type projects!). I realized I had onions in two separate baskets - you know those metal 3 tiered hanging ones? We use a lot of onions. So I decided to make an Onion Bag and wrote down the directions as I made it. I was trying to figure all day where in the house I could take a picture of it where it wouldn't show how much I should quit avoiding housework, when it occurred to me... "take a picture outside"!!! (duh!) Of course it is dark now, so will take one tomorrow :)

Ch - chain
Slst - slip-stitch
Cts - counts
Dc - Double Crochet
Sc - Single Crochet
*blah blah* - follow those directions for row

Net Base
Start:   Ch 4. slst in 1st ch. Ring formed
Row 1:   Ch3 (cts as first dc) 11dc in ring (total 12 dc). Slst in top of ch3. turn.
Row 2:   Ch8 (cts as 1sc and ch7) *sk dc. Sc in next dc. Ch7* around. Slst in base of ch8. 6 loops. Turn.
Row 3:   Ch8 (cts as 1sc and ch7) *sc in top of next loop. Ch7. sc in sc. Ch7* around. Slst in base of ch8. 12 loops. Turn
Row 4:   slst in next 4 chains. (until you are at the top of ch7 loop). Ch7 (cts as 1st sc and ch6). *sc in next loop. Ch6.* around. Slst in base of ch7. 12 loops. Turn.

Net sides
Rows 5-20:   repeat row 4. 12 loops
Row 21:   ch1. * 6sc in next loop. Sc in sc.* around. Join with slip stitch to beg ch st. turn

Row 1:   ch3 (cts as beg dc). dc in next 6 sc. Turn (total 7dc)
Row 2:   ch3 (cts as beg dc). Dc in next 6dc. Turn (total 7dc)
***continue Row 2 until handle is length you want*** (mine I did 16 rows)

To connect handle to other side of net bag, find opposite side, slst thru bag and 1 st from handle, continue to slip stitch across through both the bag and handle. (total 7slst). Finish off. Weave in ends.

This size will hold approximately 6lb of onions.

In the interest of our health - I DID wash dishes and washed some clothes and got them hung outside!.


  1. So creative mommas :) I'm glad I have your blog to distract me from my "housework" :P but most people just call it homework/studying :) love you! Happy anniversary :D
    -your daughter

  2. This works so great! Super quick and doesn't take much yarn either.

    1. Hi Michelle - I am glad you tried it and liked it :) Makes me grin :D


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