Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Solar Oven

Thought maybe would want a look at my solar oven. This is a very simple one I have hobbled together, and it works, so am not going to mess with it until have everything together to make a "permanent" one :)

Simply lined an old cooler with foil, that silver thing is a stand to put smaller pots on to raise to the middle, and my dutch oven that I mostly use. The dutch oven I can just place inside (without the silver stand) and put what I want to cook inside it - even another pan or mason jars, place the lid on and I don't have to worry about burning anything! Put the window on and walk away... I LOVE cooking this way!


  1. I helped kinda!! Haha! With the glass anyways :) love you mom ;)
    -your daughter

  2. yep, you did :D love you too!

  3. I love it!! I hope mine works... I mean, it has to, I live in Greece for crying out loud. Tomorrow I'm going to set it up at 7am in the hopes that the early morning sunlight is better.

    1. It will work :) It is fun to do also!!!


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