Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crocheted "Sponges"

Here are my crocheted "sponges" or Dish-clothes... Basically if I like a stitch, I just do a small square of it and go from there, or if it needs a little more oomph to it, I do a rectangle and then fold in half, stitch or slip stitch the edges closed (or leave one end open to put hand inside) and viola, your done!

The green one I just did the other day (told you my favorite color was pink!). And these little suckers will SCRUB! Without scratching - woot! Now if you clean off a counter or something you will need to follow with a towel to get up the excess water: that is an issue I have been mulling over. I may try to make one side the crocheted side and the other maybe from the washcloths or towels that have holes in them..... hmmmm.


  1. Hi...just wanted to stop by here to say thank you for commenting on the hot cocoa post. I like the idea of the candy cane. Maybe just add it to the gift bag instead of the spoon.
    I also wanted to let you know your comments are set to "no reply" which means there is no email address attached to your comments and no one can email you back. If you would ever like to change your setting, I have a "no reply" button on my right side bar with a tutorial on how to change it.
    Take care,

  2. I love your sponges mommas :)
    -your daughter


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