Wednesday, November 2, 2011


My son's girlfriend "Blue-eyes" made these beautiful spiders that I absolutely fell in love with, and bless her heart, she let me take home 3 spiders AND a scorpion! I have no clue how she did it, though I am sure directions are somewhere on the internet :D

I just wish I could take pictures to do them justice. I have no idea why they keep getting so blurry but these were the best pics from a seriously bad lot! I got some better pics... it was the camera, not the operator... I think my hubby lost a camera....   :D

But the smaller pink one I am putting on my hat like so:

I bet I am the best dressed out there hangin' up that laundry!



  1. Aww :) those are Sooo cute :) I like your little one on your hat :)
    -your daughter


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