Saturday, May 9, 2015

Double Knitting

I have been learning double knitting. I have always known how to knit, but had no skill at it. The needles and movements felt awkward and I would give it up after a few stitches. Not to mention it just looked awful!

Then I found this: The Geek A Long. The description from the group:

The Geek-A-Long is an annual FREE knit along where participants make a truly epic nerdily themed blanket to raise awareness for Child's Play Charity (

I HAD TO DO IT. I am a geek, my sister is a geek, She would love this. I would have fun making it. Though am not sure about making a blanket per se. But I was sure I could figure out something to do with the squares! Besides, we are both particular about our geekiness, so I wouldn't make all the squares they have.

For example my sister loves Marvel Comic Heroes, DC Comics, not so much. I don't know the difference (don't tell her!). I like Star Wars (my sister will only watch Star Wars because of R2D2), Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, Star Trek, and on and on.

So learning to knit became a priority. And of course it wasn't just regular knitting, it had to be Double Knitting. Two colors with essentially two panels with a front side knitted at the same time. One side would be the "proper" side and the other the negative.

I did it. I am proud of myself.  This is my first attempt.

 Normal side
Negative Side

 I took the image from here. I didn't want to start with such a large square so just used the Batman logo portion of the square and made a potholder.

Then realized I should have added the oval... oops. So I reworked things and made this:

 Front Side
Negative Side

Much better, even if I did mess up with the margins. I was happy with it but didn't like several things. The sides look messy, and I was holding the yarn in each hand and would have to let go of the needles to wrap the yarn or pull it to the front or back, It was a quick lesson on tension! My needles fell out so many times! ugh.

My next post will be my fixes.

BTW, my sister was the recipient of the potholders, she said I could mess up as much as I want, lol.

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