Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Double Knit Fix and My Next Challenge

I made lots of mistakes in my knitting. But that's ok, I am learning :) What is important is to not give up just because of it. So I am learning how to fix many oopsies, one at a time.

The most pressing and frustrating mistakes was losing a stitch. One of the places I went to was here.  Knitpicks' video was a very helpful, and the most comprehensive video I could find on how to pick up dropped stitches. I dropped many.

The next thing I wanted to challenge myself with was changing colors, I understand with double sided, intarsia, tapestry knitting that I am already working with 2 colors, But I was starting with those two colors and they were used throughout the whole piece. The idea of changing colors just blew my mind. I was trying to make it difficult. I hit Google up again and found these youtube videos.   and knittingtipsbyjudy

This pattern from the Geek-A-Long was my next project. Again it was too big for my comfort, so I reduced it and made this potholder, again for my sister:

I still was not crazy about the sides, cast on, and bind off, that is the next post. But a huge improvement on mistakes and catching them BEFORE getting too far!

Fun, fun, fun.

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