Friday, April 11, 2014

Week 6 of The 52 Week Crochet Challenge

Red Berry's 52 Week Crochet Challenge has been so much fun! It is not just crocheting something, it is challenging you on so many levels. Some of the challenges have been "Start a crochet notebook, journal, scrapbook, or blog."; "Who taught you to crochet?"; "Celebrate Spring by crocheting a flower, or make a project that has a flower motif or theme".

I look forward to each weeks' challenge and it keeps me focused at a time that my brain feels like I need duct tape to keep everything in! Lol.

This week's Challenge is Spring Cleaning! Normally I avoid anything that utilizes the word "cleaning", but the challenge is a little more detailed... "Spring Cleaning. This week it is time to organize your yarn. How do you do it? By color, type, weight?"

I am OCD - I sort it by all those examples!

My daughter-in-law and I are in the middle of moving into our craft room, so at this moment all the yarn is on cheap plastic shelves with boxes. And that works just fine for now until we work in there for a while and figure out what our "style" of working together is.

The yarn is sorted first by type/weight (in our case mostly Red Heart 4 ply worsted), then by colour.

Kristy likes to use what I call "the fun yarn". (the bulky yarns on the left)

           And I macrame, so that is on the same shelves too, in smaller boxes.

WIP's and frogging projects are on the bottom shelf. 

Here are some of my WIP's, in baggies, boxes, baskets, or clear plastic bags.

Yo-yo's to use up the smaller pieces of yarn.
"Scrap" granny squares

Crocheted towel toppers. This is in a basket so I can just grab and go.

I used to store my yarns in socks, it made them easier to take places and kept dust, hair, etc off them. It also took care of the "tail" for me - I would just tuck it into the fold. I need more socks though.

What about you? How do you store your yarn?



  1. Sounds to me like you are pretty organized. You have taken it a step further than me, by having same colors in a group together. It's probably much easier to get an overview that way. Something I need to get better with.
    Like that you Macrame. Hope you share that sometime in the future. Haven't done that in 30 years. Thanks for letting us have a looksy at how you do things.

    1. The yarn is grouped by colors simply because I cannot tell the difference with the darker colors! This way I can pick my own yarn without having to bug my son or Kristy :) Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  2. Wow you've got a lot more going on than I do, and my brain can't handle what I do have! Kudos for being so on top of things :)

  3. Looking great....god luck with the new craftroom...always a fun time having a new space to create in x

    1. Yes it is fun being able to rearrange and play with a new space!

  4. You are very organized, despite being in the middle of a move! Thanks for sharing your tips, and I had never thought of using a sock like that!


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