Sunday, April 6, 2014

Craft Room Update

Some progress has been made on the craft room. Of course things are subject to change. I think we have rearranged the room  and changed the furniture at least twice!

View from sliding glass doors.

View from sliding glass doors towards the kitchen.

From the sitting room/kitchen area. Can see the sliding glass doors on left. This is Kristy's "work station".

From sitting area looking towards the fireplace. My desk with my sewing machine.

My yarn stash (and wheelchair) - I had to have a pic of my - oops OUR yarn ;)

And this is why Kristy needs her own area to work...

Sorting through my craft stuff is VERY distracting! I have to keep myself on task, but am not doing very well - hehe. So much fun. And I haven't gotten to the boxes in the garage yet!

What have you all been up to this weekend? I love hearing from you :)


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  1. You've gotten a lot done, looking good! I love your sewing machine cabinet, and all that wonderful natural light if fantastic!


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