Saturday, May 24, 2014


Dear Blog-land, this attack hit much harder and was more difficult to recover from this time around. There has been absolutely no progress made on any crochet or craft projects at all.  I will try to pick up where I left off and find my routine again.  I miss this.



  1. I couldn't find information re what you meant about "this attack", but I do hope you are well. I always enjoy your kind and playful comments and presence.

    1. My attacks are where my nerve bundles will swell and severe pain and will "lose" the ability to use that limb for about a week (can happen several times a month). It also makes my eyes swell and the iris will stick to the lens and tear, which is why going blind. I also have a hard time coming back "mentally" and finding my routines; which is why have not been posting much - I don't want all 'boo-hoo" and is hard to have a happy tone even with writing!

      Thank you sooo much for commenting tho and I hope to find a better groove SOON!

  2. Oh dear, I've still been missing you; fretting and thinking about you. I can't relate to your particular illness, though I can to not being able to mentally "come back". I have severe depression my whole life (meds keep me from being suicidal, but that's about all). It's a miserable place to be, and I'm praying for and with you. The terror of blindness is a horrible thing just by itself too - 3 years ago my husband's immune system attacked the optic nerve in his eyes and he is legally blind. After the last attack he was completely blind, but enough came back he can get around, thank God. I have 2 "neuromas" little cyst on the end of a nerve and when they are bumped the pain takes my breath away for a few minutes; knowing that it's hard to fathom the pain you must be enduring.


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