Monday, April 23, 2012

New Floor updates

The new floor. I don’t know where to start with this. I love the floor, and even better, mom loves the floor! But I have to say, it was tough work, and if it hadn’t been for ALL of us working together it would not have gotten done. Son was absolutely amazing with the detail cuts and so very patient when my “measuring” didn’t work out and he would have to recut. Also, like I said before, the walls are NOT straight! Here is a perfect example:

See how this is straight on? This is a door jam:

Look what happens at the base…

How the door shuts and still not play peek-a-boo I don’t know, but this gives you an idea of some of the wacky things you will comes across should you decide to DIY your floors!

Here is a look at some of the wilder cuts we (hehe – ok, SON) had to do:

This is a closet door jam:

 We put something black under the cut so you could see what the shape is

Son figured out a technique to cut curves also with the dremel, we did not have a router attachment and all we had was the cutting wheel, which does NOT like to do curves! And mom did not want to pull the toilets (after a few other mishaps with major appliances <cough, water heater>) she was a little leery of tempting fate, so we had to cut around the toilets. Now I would LOVE to say I know how to measure out a curve and get it right etc, but I don’t. I did do some measuring, ie: curve starts here, the middle is here and ends here, otherwise I drew it freehand and tried to match as close as possible. It worked :D
Here is son’s technique for curves:

 The cutting wheel - it does not do curves well and will break off. We went through several trying to cut this curve before we thought of doing this:
 We had 2 Dremels, so changed out the sanding bit in one and changed it to a regular drill bit and drilled holes around the inside perimeter of the curve.

 Then came around with the cutting wheel and instead of cutting like a saw, he cut it more like you would with a miter saw by just cutting down INTO the tile instead of across the tile.
 Can you see how that worked? He is just going IN instead of across and with the drilled holes the width of the wheel, it helped define the curve, which was more like a LOT of straight edges gradually making the turns.

 See :D beautiful work!
All thats left (besides the rest of the tile!) is to caulk and then good to go!

Because all this is going to be very pic heavy, I will post more again tomorrow! (Really, I will, cuz I am “scheduling” it to do it! Woot!)

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